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Individual Lessons

Spanish Teacher PR provides effective and enjoyable individualized Spanish lessons at your home or office. Learn Spanish easily, at your own pace and on your schedule. We work with all ages and levels of proficiency.

Corporate Lessons

Spanish Teacher PR works with companies that provide Spanish lessons to employees as part of relocation benefits. We have also work with corporate Human Resources Departments that would like to provide Spanish Lessons for key employees and top management.

Remote Lessons

Spanish Teacher PR provides remote Spanish lessons via Skype for students that are interested in learning or improving their Spanish Language proficiency but are not physically located in Puerto Rico or the San Juan Metro Area.
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What our Students are saying

“It is easy to understand from your first lesson that Eyla loves to teach. She is very patient, but even more important she is very encouraging! Eyla makes you feel confident that you are learning and improving. I also like that Eyla uses a multi-faceted approach to her classes, In just one-hour or 90 minutes you may learn new vocabulary from text, study how to conjugate verbs from teaching aids she prepared herself, read and translate from today’s newspaper and discuss current events in a conversational manner. She makes learning Spanish fun! Eyla es una profesora de espanol excelente!”

N. Anderson

Sr. Director Quality Assurance

Spanish Teacher is not only sympathetic and encouraging, but also cheerful and optimistic which greatly affects my ability to power through the frustrating moments that are inevitable while learning a new language.

S. Moisan

Church Volunteer

My Teacher has a relatively high degree of patience. She listens and studies you, and responds once she feels she has properly processed what she took in… makes me, the student, feel more confident and motivated.

A. Rich

Director of Operations

Teacher is very professional, enjoys her work immensely, and teaches me as much about history and culture as she does Spanish. She has amazing patience. I hereby recommend her, you will not be disappointed.

R. J. Dowling

Assest Manager

Meet Your Teacher

Eyla Vanessa Lebrón

Eyla Vanessa Lebrón

Owner and Teacher

Has a masters degree in education from the University of Puerto Rico and is a certified coach. Eyla has been teaching Spanish for over 5 years and specializes in corporate training.

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